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2024-04-302024-04-302024-05-06VU#163057BMC software fails to validate IPMI session.
2024-04-292024-04-292024-05-03VU#238194R Programming Language implementations are vulnerable to arbitrary code execution during deserialization of .rds and .rdx files
2024-04-162024-02-232024-04-16VU#253266Keras 2 Lambda Layers Allow Arbitrary Code Injection in TensorFlow Models
2024-04-102024-04-102024-04-10VU#123335Multiple programming languages fail to escape arguments properly in Microsoft Windows
2024-04-092024-04-092024-04-09VU#155143Linux kernel on Intel systems is susceptible to Spectre v2 attacks
2024-04-032024-04-032024-04-03VU#421644HTTP/2 CONTINUATION frames can be utilized for DoS attacks
2024-03-192024-03-192024-03-20VU#417980Implementations of UDP-based application protocols are vulnerable to network loops
2024-03-142024-03-142024-03-15VU#488902CPU hardware utilizing speculative execution may be vulnerable to speculative race conditions
2024-03-072024-03-072024-03-07VU#949046Sceiner firmware locks and associated devices are vulnerable to encryption downgrade and arbitrary file upload attacks
2024-01-162024-01-162024-01-17VU#446598GPU kernel implementations susceptible to memory leak
2024-01-162024-01-162024-01-18VU#302671SMTP end-of-data uncertainty can be abused to spoof emails and bypass policies
2024-01-162024-01-162024-01-18VU#132380Vulnerabilities in EDK2 NetworkPkg IP stack implementation.