IT threat evolution in Q1 2024. Mobile statisticsANALÝZAMalwareMobile malware statistics for Q1 2024: most common threats for Android, mobile banking Trojans, and ransomware Trojans.
3.6.24IT threat evolution Q1 2024ANALÝZAMalwareLast June, we published a series of reports on Operation Triangulation, a previously unknown iOS malware platform distributed via zero-click iMessage exploits that allowed an attacker to browse and modify device files, get passwords and credentials stored in the keychain, retrieve geo-location information and execute additional modules that extended their control over compromised devices.


IT threat evolution in Q1 2024. Non-mobile statisticsANALÝZAMalwareKaspersky solutions blocked more than 658 million attacks from various online resources.


QakBot attacks with Windows zero-day (CVE-2024-30051)ANALÝZAVulnerebilityIn April 2024, while researching CVE-2023-36033, we discovered another zero-day elevation-of-privilege vulnerability, which was assigned CVE-2024-30051 identifier and patched on May, 14 as part of Microsoft’s patch Tuesday.


Incident response analyst report 2023ANALÝZAIncidentAs an information security company, our services include incident response and investigation, and malware analysis. Our customer base spans Russia, Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa and the Middle East.
9.5.24APT trends report Q1 2024ANALÝZAAPTThe report features the most significant developments relating to APT groups in Q1 2024, including the new malware campaigns DuneQuixote and Durian, and hacktivist activity.
9.5.24State of ransomware in 2024ANALÝZARansomwareRansomware attacks continue to be one of the biggest contemporary cybersecurity threats, affecting organizations and individuals alike on a global scale.
8.5.24Exploits and vulnerabilities in Q1 2024ANALÝZAExploitMoney is what always attracts cybercriminals. A significant share of scam, phishing and malware attacks is about money. With trillions of dollars of digital payments made every year, it is no wonder that attackers target electronic wallets,
8.5.24Financial cyberthreats in 2023ANALÝZACyberSoftware vulnerabilities that threat actors can exploit or are already actively exploiting are a critical component of that landscape. In this report, we present a series of insightful statistical and analytical snapshots relating to the trends in the emergence of new vulnerabilities and exploits, as well as the most prevalent vulnerabilities being used by attackers. Additionally, we take a close look at several noteworthy vulnerabilities discovered in Q1 2024.
4.5.24Managed Detection and Response in 2023ANALÝZASOCThe report covers the tactics, techniques and tools most commonly deployed by threat actors, the nature of incidents detected and their distribution among MDR customers.
23.4.24The State of Stalkerware in 2023–2024ANALÝZACyberThe annual Kaspersky State of Stalkerware report aims to contribute to awareness and a better understanding of how people around the world are impacted by digital stalking. Stalkerware is commercially available software that can be discreetly installed on smartphone devices, enabling a perpetrator to monitor an individual’s private life without their knowledge.